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A Demolished Wish

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

A Demolished Wish

When Daphne was at the beach this weekend she found a really cool looking bottle. While relaxing on the couch she opens it and a mysterious light purple smoke puffs out and she hears a voice- it’s a genie! And since Daphne opened her bottle, she gets ANY wish in return for the genie’s freedom. Daphne wishes to be taller! She wants to tower over people! However, the genie twisted Daphne’s wish and actually used her powers to make a city appear on Daphne’s livingroom carpet.

Daphne tells the genie to come back! This is NOT what she wished for! However, since her one wish has been granted, the genie has happily left. The city is just a joke to Daphne. What good is a shrunken city? To take out her dissappointment at the genie, she begins to crush the city beneath her feet.

It feels so good to devastate the tiny city so she keeps going! Buildings, cars, and people get crushed under Daphne’s bare feet, bare ass, between her mountainous tits, people get licked – blown on – and swallowed whole, cars get crushed under the spike of her heel, she cums to people fighting to get out of her bra and panties, she demonstrates to the genie how she wishes she could shrink her down and eat her for revenge, she really goes all out until there are NO survivors!

Since tiny people don’t make a good meal, once the city is completely demolished she yells down warning any possible survivors that she’ll be back to hunt them down after she gets some good food in her tummy. Stupid genie!!

This video features a genie theme, shrunken city, skyscraper barefoot crush, skyscraper and cars ass crush, skyscraper and people boob crush, people vore, high heel shoes car crush under spike of heel, shrunken people in bra and panties orgasm, skyscrapers and cars crushed with hands, a special smoke effect when Daphne opens the bottle, and an added special genie voice effect when Daphne makes her wish. Daphne’s acting is superb in this video, as with all videos starring Giantess Daphne Rosen!

A Demolished Wish – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Girlfriend Grows & Smothers Boyfriend With Pussy

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Girlfriend Grows & Smothers Boyfriend With Pussy

My boyfriend has invited me to dinner but I’m mad at him because he did not make any effort. He ordered cheap food and picked the flowers from someone’s garden! He tells me I’m ungrateful. I throw his flowers on the ground and crush them with my shoes. All this is giving me a headache. I grab a bottle of pills and take one.It makes me grow to enormous size!My boyfriend is still at the table. Everything is so small.I try to sit down on the tiny chair but it is crushed under my big ass. (SFX Slow Motion Effects for full chair destruction)I feel like a joke! I am angry! I move the table in front of my pussy.Leaning forward and crushing (knocking) is what’s on the table.I take my stunned boyfriend and start to use his head like a dildo. I tell him he never gave me orgasms while we were dating. Maybe he can now! I drive to orgasm then tell him to take his last breath as I smother him with my pussy. *Nudity *1280×720
Alternate ending can be found here Girlfriend Grows & Smothers Boyfriend With Pussy Then Pisses On Him

Girlfriend Grows & Smothers Boyfriend With Pussy – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Hannah Perez: The Yummy Christmas Village (wmv Hd)

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Hannah Perez: The Yummy Christmas Village (wmv Hd)

Hannah Perez is sleeping over at Angelique’s house on Christmas Eve and she’s excited that tomorrow is Christmas and she loves the holidays! She falls asleep in her bed and dreams that she woke up and went downstairs because she heard someone that sounded like Santa. She arrives to the dining room table and finds that everything is setup like a feast but there is no food! She then notices that there’s a Christmas village set up with little people! She picks each of them up and begins dominating their once tranquil village.

Starring Hannah Perez

This clip is for lovers of giantess fetish with small/shrunk people. Featuring eating and chewing sound effects, animated facial expressions, and witty dialogue.

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HD WMV Windows Media version – 5000 Kbps, 1280x720and shot in 16:9 format on 1080i HDV equipment.

Hannah Perez: The Yummy Christmas Village (wmv Hd) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Bitchy Roomate`s Punishment Sfx Mpg Hq

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Bitchy Roomate`s Punishment Sfx Mpg Hq

Gloria is known to be lazy and very rude.Always leaving a mess in her room,never cleaning up after herself and with a bitchy attitude when she is reminded she should do her chores.Sick of her,Deeane decides to take some measures and what better way to punish her annoying roomate than by putting her shrinking potion in her food,and making her suffer? YES! suffer is the right word.but how?As soon as Deeane gets back from her daily jogging ,she lays eyes on little Gloria on the floor.So the potion actually worked,now she can have a proper revenge.Gloria will be kissing,licking and sniffing extremely stinky socks,imagine Deeane having ran in those just few seconds ago,and her incredibly icky filthy jogging sneakers!!!We have GIANTESS,SHRUNKEN GIRL,POV,FOOT FETISH,SNEAKERS hope you enjoy!!!


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Bitchy Roomate`s Punishment Sfx Mpg Hq – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Gaintess Vore – Shrunken Man Found In Bag Of Chips

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Gaintess Vore - Shrunken Man Found In Bag Of Chips

Candy finds a shrunken man hiding in her chip bag. So she licks the salt from his body… “Oh I know you don’t want to go inside my mouth, but you were in my chips, so that makes you food.” Candy really enjoys torturing shrunken men. HD 1280 X 720

Gaintess Vore – Shrunken Man Found In Bag Of Chips – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Little People Meal

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Little People Meal

(HD-wmv) Finding a nest of tiny puny little people that were so silly to think they could hide from My Giant Eyes. A starving Giantess always get the scent of tiny litle people’s flesh. When I stepped into the room, I knew there are some little helpless creatures that will going to end up in My stomach. It was very easy to figure where you were all hiding, by the smell of food you have:)) A good meal I’m gonna have..


To all the tiny people, you should be VERY afraid of the followings:

Shrunken and eaten

Alive inside My stomach

Slow d*th under My foot

Hide and seek

Total Intoxication


Little People Meal – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Swallowed Alive By Abigail (wmv)

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

Swallowed Alive By Abigail (wmv)

Abigail spots you lurking in front of her feet on her carpet. Curious as to where you came from, she inquisitively asks you some questions and plays with you. However, her appetite is too big and you’re the only food type item around so she tastes you all over.. hope you’re ready for a trip down the chute of this beauitul 20 year old college-coed!

Swallowed Alive By Abigail (wmv) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Custom: Useless Slaves Get Eaten

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Custom: Useless Slaves Get Eaten

“I am your most useless slave and you decide to get rid of me. You think that I am only useful as your food. Now we are in your kitchen. You shrink me down to a size of 5-6 Inch and eat me in a sandwich. Once I am shrunken you quickly prepare the sandwich. As you now that I hate cheese, you will put me between 2 slices of cheese. You may torture me a little bit with cheese and demonstrate by chewing some, what will happen to my tiny body. You have no mercy and start eating my feet first to make it most painful. After eating the sandwich you are pleased how I finally serve you good. “

Custom: Useless Slaves Get Eaten – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Giantess In Bikini Is So Dirty With Chocolate All Over Her Body – Tmgu-008 – Full Version (high Quality)

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Giantess In Bikini Is So Dirty With Chocolate All Over Her Body - Tmgu-008 - Full Version (high Quality)

Giantess, Bikini, Food, Wet & Messy

Giantess In Bikini Is So Dirty With Chocolate All Over Her Body – Tmgu-008 – Full Version (high Quality) – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]

Giantess & Vore Shrunk You & Devour Your Ass

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Giantess & Vore Shrunk You & Devour Your Ass

I verbally explain how much better you are as edible food!! I laugh and joke at your expense while I pick pieces of your fingers and leg out of my teeth you tiny little man, whose now satisfied the Giant. Messy dripping gushs and runs down my hands and I laugh at all your mess all over me, and how much you ooze and gush and the pops I get with each bite..

Giantess & Vore Shrunk You & Devour Your Ass – [CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO]